Thursday, October 16, 2008

All things crazy...

Occupational Therapy.
This morning had me meeting with my OT person. She is a wonderfully nutty and thoughtful person.
She helped me get my elbow straight and the pain reduction has come to the point that I am released weeks earlier than my predicted 3 month plan. Good surgeon, good OT, and good hard work.
Considering that for the past few years I've dealt with constant pain [shoulders...and the elbow was always there, but not as bad as it had been for the past year and a half]...and now I was actually
[yes I am repeating myself, because I am pinching myself too...]
Pain Free.

Elana asked me what else would I like to accomplish?
I said, *Well handstands and cartwheels would be nice to work back up to.*
She looked at me~ *You are serious?*
*As serious as can be. I also would like to run a 5k in Kenosha next year when my son runs his half marathon.*
Elana's face broke into a wide smile [she has an infectious smile and wonderful attitude, she makes you feel darn right good inside].

*OhhhKayyyy...* Then she pulled me over to a table and showed me how to start some simple exercises to get my shoulders and muscle strength back. It would be a long process, but the process must be slow in order not to over use or re-injure the surgically modified tendons.

At that moment, my surgeon Dr. L. came out of a meeting with the Physical Therapists who treat his patients.

From my past 2 yrs of being Dr. L's patient AND from months of rehab on both shoulders...I knew most of them who stopped by to give me a high five.

Dr. L slid up to me and asked how it was going. I answered...and Elana piped up.
*We are working on cartwheels and handstands by next summer,* she said.

Dr. L frowned and looked at me.
I nodded, *Serious.*

*Could you do them pre surgeries?*

He dipped his head in thought for a moment, then looked at me and smiled. *Okay, I want you to do your handstands and cartwheels on your mule!*

All the PT stopped mid stride.
I grinned.
*Dr. L! You know I love a challenge! But gosh, I could fall...what, you want to do more surgery on me by repairing something else I mess up?*

He laughed and raised his hands, *The 4th one is free!* he quipped.
He waved at me and headed out of the department. The other therapists stood there with looks on their faces that said...
Did we just hear what we thought we heard?

Elana said, *He just said that in front of everybody!* Then she turned to me and said, *You are NOT doing that on are not. I do NOT give you permission.*

Just to get her goat, I replied: *Dr. L gave me the equivalent of a Double Dog Dare.*

Elana said~~~

I conceded and we began to work on a plan that would get me back into fantastic shape. And gratefully no one did say...
Handstands and Cartwheels AT YOUR AGE???

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  1. If anyone could do it, I KNOW that it would be you! :) Congrats, I'm so happy that you are pain free!