Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Naughty Chair makes a comeback...

Once upon a time and many years ago, I bought some chairs for $5 at a 'rummage' sale. At that time I used to babysit for my neighbor's 4 children.
Yes sometimes the kids misbehaved.

So I created the 'naughty chair' which was originally blue in color and sat in the kitchen --or outside if necessary.
Kids who misbehaved got a 'time out' in it.
10 minutes is an eternity to a young child.
[Especially if there was no talking allowed.]
there are many 10 minutes in a day!

My newer 'naught chairs' were brightly painted, one had a crack in the seat so if the 'naughty' child had to sit in it~they had to sit still. I painted an elephant on it, and for some reason, the kids got a kick out of having to sit on an elephant while they were 'timed out'.

I loved my old chairs and when I moved here with Rich...they got stuck in the garage...not to be seen for 12 years!
I pulled them out and decided to fix up the dings in them. They were going to make a comeback, at least in my house they were.

I found a third chair I purchase that is quite unique. I can't wait to start mixing up bright colored paints and get it started.
I really think they'd make a nice bunch of chairs to go around the kitchen table.

I'm not sure hubby appreciates them the same way I do.

Oh, I am attempting to fix the crack so people won't get their bums bitten...

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