Thursday, September 04, 2008

sky so blue and rambling

this morning i decided to get back into hiking.
oops, mistake.
hiking requires two good arms the way i do it...i tend to rock climb and go into ravines..and such.

with a stern lecture from hubby and a promise that i would not go rock climbing, i headed out for some very much needed fresh air.

i probably shouldn't claim 'hiking' as to what i was doing...more like dawdling along looking at everything.

today i was struck by the incredible blue skies and the wild cloud formations that came with the cool ... downright cold breeze that gave me a hint of fall and winter.

i meandered along the roadside and then detoured through a field with crop strips. morris and i explored the hay field and walked between corn strips up to where we saw 'the top of the world'...
okay not the top of course, but we had quite the view, we could see for at least a mile east and west!

i just stopped and enjoyed.
the grasshoppers announced our steps by flying up and away with each step we took. the wind whistled in the crab apple trees that grew in the fence row.

i wanted to stay right there and not go another foot.

i thought of things.

how my life has changed over the past 15 years. how lucky i was to be standing next to a corn field and enjoying the brisk air with my jack russell organized thoughts, just rambling happy thoughts.

i felt good 10 days after surgery...i felt happy and content and more alive than most people.
i felt like i could just sit there all day and watch the skies.

well reality of course broke in...and i made my way home where the 1 1/2 armed bandit carefully chopped up 10 lbs of apples and cooked them down. I strained them and got enough juice to make apple jelly tomorrow.

yes i am enjoying myself.
[and if anyone is wondering...yes, i AM applying for jobs, just haven't had too much luck lately]

so for now, i'm going to get 'healthy' and enjoy every doggon minute i have.
that's a fact.

happy anniversary ed and joy...

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  1. Anonymous10:22 PM

    I'm so proud of you. Once again...inspired.


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