Monday, September 15, 2008

Team Camera Ladies?

I have to give up the Canon Rebel Digital XT today and relinquish it back to its owner. Yep, this sort of makes me very sad.
It made a huge difference in shooting the Devil's Lake Challenge yesterday. I was able to shoot rapid fire with it and the Canon did awesome.

I was able to catch one shot that made my is not in focus, but I'll post it here because the image does say so much.
My son was coming in to finish for Team Man...and the wives were heading out for the final leg of their 1/4 mile swim in the frigid lake, a 15 mile grueling bicycle ride, and then a 5k [3.1 mile] run.

I enjoyed running back and forth with the Canon. Joy was so fantastic to take on my FujiFinePix camera and take photos of everyone near the finish line.

I owe many thanks to 'Team Camera Ladies' for making this a real great weekend.
Of course thank you my nice son for inviting me too...


  1. Anonymous9:36 PM

    You can borrow my Canon anytime you want! I would trust you with my life, and I trust you with my camera. You are the greatest, and I hope you know that! I love your shots from Devil's Lake! Keep in touch!

  2. Thanks Darin! Glad you enjoyed them and many thanks for the camera lending!!!


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