Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Do Bears Poop in the Woods?

Oh yeah, they do.

Tuesday while on a hiking in the woods,...just strolling along my regular hiking path I stopped to look at something I'd never seen before.

I suspected that it may have been Bear Scat. In other words, Bear Poo. I didn't freak out, as it looked a day or so old. I'm taking Rich back this afternoon as he is better at looking for old tracks and signs than I am.

It would more than likely be a Black Bear, we've had sightings of one in this area about a mile away.

Okay so not a pretty picture, but think of it this way~~~you are now an informed reader.
Wednesday found me on the road very early on my way to Reedsburg, WI. I interviewed at a place called QTI which stands for Quality Temps Inc.
I had to take some computer tests as well as interview.

My score for data entry was 4,650 keystrokes per hour with 98% accuracy.
My score for typing was 65 words per minute with 99% accuracy.
The lady who interviewed me said...Impressive!!!

I thought this would be interesting to work for an agency in more than one place...the job they are looking to place me into right now is in Viroqua. The pay is equivalent to what I was making in June or a bit more.

On to today, Thursday.
Today was domestic day.

Homemade applesauce.
Not the easy way. I have no grinder.
So it was
call in Rich to see if the cinnamon was to his liking...
and viola...
[Yes there are two pints of tomatoes there...had to can them, too many to eat!]

I think I'll take the rest of the apples I have and make applesauce, ...this is good stuff, not the grocery store garbage with tons of sugar or syrup and artificial stuff.

Ingredients: Apple and cinnamon

I can think of a few people who might want to have a pint.

Last but not least ... ~~~
Some Zinnias for my son...Better than Bear Scat eh???

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  1. Anonymous8:31 PM

    Just look how productive and creative you've been unemployed!! I know you want to go back out there but I can't help but think how busy and happy you are now. Relaxed. Good for you.


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