Wednesday, September 03, 2008

sweet summer sounds


crickets, wind, a child's laughter...
the belly laugh of grandpa
the laughter of dad...
a refreshing breeze after a hot muggy day...

grandpa playing softball with his 4 yr old grandaughter.

when my husband came outside he wandered over to where we were gathered i handed him the plastic baseball. [my hubby played baseball with his heart and soul in high school]

i watched him grasp the ball and his hands began to search the ball for the stitches in the leather, while his eyes got this look of deep pleasure.
he said to his grandaughter:
'you want grandpa to play ball with you?'

'yes grandpa'

such sweet words on this cool september night.

..and they played until dark.

peals of laughter floating in the evening air.
the smack of a ball
and so much happiness that i could only lean against the garage out of sight and savor it by not breaking into their private little session.

what beautiful medicine for the heart and soul.

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