Friday, September 05, 2008

a thought on grandkids

everyone should experience them. everyone should have a 4 yr old wrap their arms around you and call you 'grandma'.

a grandparent has more patience than when they raised their own. it makes sense, i'm not worrying about the diapers, the bills,...gosh, been there and done that.

it is a second chance to reach down into those 'mommy' feelings and get to relive them.

....and the kids always behave so much better for grandparents!
....and then you can send them home....though, i'd rather not.

they like to help with, play, and just have fun...
and grandma doesn't want to miss a lick!

so given the opportunity...have with your grandkids if you get them.
and if you have a camera, take tons of photos!

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