Sunday, June 29, 2008

Wet Rainy Sunday Fun

There is always a question of what to do on a cold rainy icky Wisconsin day.

As kids we'd sit in the 'little house' and play cards, or if the mood struck Grandpa Lind...we'd go 'visiting'.
The reason for visiting was...well you couldn't work outside, so you might as well drive around and drop in on some friends or relatives and get the latest gossip.

It was amazing, we'd pull into 'Uncle Carly's' farm and walk up into the house. Us kids would go and amuse ourselves with the other farm kids. The grownups would sit down and have coffee and magically out of no where ~~ appeared sandwhiches, desserts, and all sorts of goodies. We always felt welcome no matter where we went on a cold yucky day.

But today, Morris and I decided to go on a hike. The bugs because of our June record rainfalls [almost and inch with hail yesterday!] are awful. Generally one can tolerate them in the woods. I donned a kerchief hat sprayed with bug spray, an old ripped up long sleeve shirt, a jacket, long pants, hiking boots, gloves, and of course an assortment of cameras.

I was soon wet up to my knees walking through the wet grass, nettles, and other forest underbrush. Morris was soaked.

We headed to the valley so we could walk in the creek bed and mess around. We found wild strawberries and some of the first wild berries. Yum.

Morris likes them too.
The bugs were

I smeared metholatum vaseline rub all over my face and neck...I not only smelled awful, but now the gnats were stuck to my face until I smeared them off. Bet I looked a sight!
Heh Heh.

The skies opened and it poured. Worried about my digital camera, I dropped it into a zip lock bag and then donned a cheap poncho. The rain was a delight and we walked in it.

So we didn't pick up and go visiting like in the old days, we went for a good old fashioned, get dirty and wet hike.

We loved it. And of course Morris absolutely loved it.
He is napping now.

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