Sunday, June 15, 2008

People~ by Morris the JRT

Why do people as in pet owners find it perfectly acceptable to do stupid things to their dogs?
I'm a Jack Russell Terrier, I am supposed to be fierce, noble, and tenacious [I'm not sure what that all means but I'm pretty sure it does not mean wearing a scarf like pictured!]

I DO know that after sitting for the camera unwillingly, of course with this stupid red thing on me,...I did get a cookie.
Come on folks, a cookie?

I'm demanding more.
My own personal full sized bed with the covers and blankets ready for nest making. Steps to get onto the bed so I don't have to jump.

I want all the windows in the house lowered to JRT height.
I want a doggy door so I don't have to ask sleepy dumb people to get up and let me out to pee at night.

They don't have to ask me to use their potty.

I don't want to have to have my feet wiped when coming in from outside. I want car rides.
I love car rides.

I want the car seats made so I can see out the window without standing up.

The couch. When I decide to rest on the couch, I think there should always be an old sweatshirt of *mom's* there so I can curl up on it.

I own these people,


  1. Anonymous8:35 AM

    OH Morris! What has she done to you?! It's so cute. I know I know but she's doing it for us and we love you. Thanks for being a good so cute.

  2. Morris says you are welcome...send cookies.
    And a rawhide bone.

  3. LMBO! Oh Morris, how you must love your Mommy to allow her to do such things to you. :)


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