Sunday, June 22, 2008

Some days are just perfect

Yesterday was one of those days that was ... well, just perfect. I started my day with a morning ride on my favorite mule, Badger. This was after I'd hung out all of the freshly washed sheets on the line to dry.

We rode a liesurely ride, no speed, no hurry, just a slow stroll through the woods, listening to the birds and spotting wildlife.

I gardened until my stomach said it was lunch time, then came in and had 'dinner' with hubby. I had to ice my elbow so did that and decided a siesta would be in order.

After our siesta, Rich went out to mow the pastures, while I worked with Siera in the round pen.
Oh yeah...another fine session. We graduated to 'packing' the bit and I added a back cinch and crupper to her saddle gear. All went amazingly fine. I even took her outside where there were tons of distractions and worked with her.

She's a good gal.

Later, I pulled out Sunshine and we worked on some finer points of reining and 'listening' to the rider. She has graduated from a 'green broke' mule and is in 'finishing' school now.

Then Morris and I went for a short walk and ate wild strawberries. He is learning how to find them just as he does the wild blackberries. [odd dog that he is]

I topped my evening off [pancakes for supper] with a stroll up the lane to watch the sunset.
By dark, I was exhausted.

I made the beds with the fresh smelling sheets and [after a shower] dropped into them and fell into slumber land.

Today looks like another fine day...there is a threat of storms later.

I think yesterday was just about darned perfect.


  1. Anonymous10:03 PM

    Thank you! Hearing about your perfect day means we all can feel what it's like and recognize with gratitude our own.

  2. I LOVE that top picture and would buy it in a heartbeat if you'd sell me a copy. :)


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