Thursday, June 19, 2008

Let Go

*Let Go*

I've never been told those words in my entire life. I've never been 'let go' from a job. Although the reason cited was...*it is not a good fit*.

Not a good fit because the 2 women I worked with have a history of being such ... that 3 other women have left the very same position? 2 other women have left during their probation time citing...personal differences.

I was rather surprised, rather shocked.
But I shouldn't have been.
I should have seen it coming. When my two co-workers hid the portable telephone from me, wouldn't let me get faxes off the fax machine, wouldn't let me do the job I was hired to do...

In the 'letting go' talk I was told that I wasn't performing my job. I waited until Mr. Administrator had his say, then flipped my Badge on his desk.

And I told him that he needed to consider the sources of his information. He needed to consider that my co-workers did NOT allow me to do my job. And they needed to consider a good training program.
He also needed to consider the record of what happens in that department and that other girls are actually afraid of the two I worked with.

And I smiled sadly at him and said, 'honesty is not a valued thing here, it comes back and bites you. You have a viper pit in that department, and you need to fix it.'

I was hurt deeply, and actually more embarrassed and humiliated by being escorted out of the building as if I was a criminal. --- I know it is standard practice, but it has never happened to me.


  1. Oh Val, good gracious, I'm so sorry this has happened. I remember you mentioning those two witches when you first started that job.

    I know you well enough to know you are thorough and don't do anything half-assed. What a shame they let someone with your go-get-'em attitude go.

    I have NO doubt that you won't be on the unemployment line long. As smart as you are, you'll find something in no time. Just sit back, enjoy getting that unemployment check for a while, and gather yourself. No need to be ashamed. *HUGS*

  2. Thanks Rachel, that is if I qualify for it.
    I won't sit on my but though, I'm already working on apps.

  3. Anonymous11:04 PM

    OMG!! You are valuable and hardworking. Don't feel humiliated or embarrassed as anyone who knows you would support the kind of person you are. I am so sorry but you were expending way too much energy trying to work around those two creeps. You deserve better on every level. You are in demand and your skills and dedication will pay off. Thinking positive thoughts for you....


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