Thursday, June 12, 2008

We are tired...

This is a photo of what it looks like after we've had downpours of rain in excess of 9". More photos can be seen at You Post It. It is a photo site maitained by Lacrosse TV Station News Channel 8.

This photo was taken in Ontario Wisconsin just outside Wildcat State Park. There is no river involved in this damage, this was caused by the runoff of water from the steep hillsides which makes this part of Wisconsin so unique.

Tonight Wisconsin is getting slammed again, they are evacuating folks in the Village of Potosi, Village of Livingston, and the City of Lancaster. I am dumbfounded by Mother Nature. I've spoken to friends in Iowa who are experiencing similar problems. I can only shake my head and hope this weather pattern changes very soon.

I'm growing webbed feet...does that mean anything?

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