Friday, June 27, 2008

Pony Jail

His name is Little Richard. He thinks he is the fancist thing on 4 legs. He also is a 4 legged weed whacker.
Normally Rich ties him to a stake driven into the ground in different areas of the yard and along the driveway where it is difficult to mow.

Little Richard eats circles around his stake and we move him nearly daily.
With Rich being laid up, I took it upon myself to tie Little Richard out to different items ... such as the hay hauler, empty pens, and other areas. I can't drive the stake into the ground right now, using a fence pounder shoots lighting streaks of pain right up my right elbow.

So ALL was fine yesterday late afternoon. I'd checked on the LR and took off with Sunshine for a training ride. We were going for the BIG adventure in PeeWee's. The first truly long and difficult solo ride. [our mules are taught to ride solo ~ it takes a mature and confident rider & mule to do so safely]

I was really quite excited. Sunshine did fantastic, pulling the usual mule stunts like thinking she could choose the path home. At one point we came across a downed tree that came up nearly to her chest. Badger who is very tall compared to her had stepped easily over it the day before.

I hesitated, but some little red mule decided to 'go for it'. I now know what it is like to be on the back of a mule when they jump from a stand still. I felt her go and thought 'oh crap'. But we came out just fine.

I rode triumphantly into the yard. Sunshine had really proven to be a worthy mount.

I looked around,
Little Richard.

Dang. I unsaddled Sunshine and tossed things into the trailer and hurried to look for him. I got no further than halfway to the house when Rich hollered that our neighbor lady had just called.

*Where we missing a tricolored stud pony?*

I jumped in the truck cursing LR, the houdini of ponies. And found him at Linda's. He was still attached to his tie out ... squealing and running back and forth trapped in a lane. Linda hadn't tried to lay a hand on him because she didn't know how he'd act.

I pulled on my gloves and walked into the lane, grabbing LR's rope, he squealed and pranced and I called him *Alpo* and murmured many apologies to Linda. I tried tying him to the truck but in the end, I sat on the tailgate while Linda drove my truck and we took him home.

She was concerned that she was going too fast, I had to laugh, LR kept trying to pass the truck.

I marched LR up to one of the winter pens and put him in *Pony Jail*. At least until hubby is well enough again to put him back on weed whacking duty!

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  1. LMBO!:) He was JUST trying to help the neighbors, too! ;)


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