Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Despite Flooding, Life Goes On

This is the bridge that goes over the Kickapoo River on Highway 14. This IS the way IN and out of our valley, if you were to head towards Madison.
According to the Emergency Management Agency Spokesperson...my beloved neighborlady, this bridge will be closed for at least one more day--she said that last night.
Of course the bridge will have to be deemed safe before traffic can resume.

The valley bridges below my home are either washed out on each side of the bridge or they are gone. This is the road I generally recommend to family members to take as it is so scenic. The storm last year was dubbed the '1,000 year storm'. I'm wondering what this one will be called.

For me, the storm has provided me with opportunities to get down into the creek bottom and take interesting shots. The damage to the 'first' valley wasn't much this time around. I haven't gotten back to the second valley, the one the locals call 'Black Bottom'.
The totals in storm damages are expected to exceed 60 million dollars. This was the amount of estimated damage from our August 2007 storm.

On a happy note, I live high enough that we were not effected. I am also able to use high roads to get to work and to town.

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