Monday, August 29, 2022

The Visit

Man ohhhh Man, the storms rolled in Saturday with heavy rain to the tune of 3/4 of an inch before Eddie and Megan arrived.

We visited and watched the weather.  I'd planned a point to point hike at KVR with them before but it looked like an alternate plan needed to be considered.

After I made lunch for Rich, we gathered our stuff together. 

There seemed to be a break in the storms for part of the afternoon and we decided to take advantage of it. We grabbed rain coats and headed out.

I decided on the Black Hawk Rock loop as it would knock off section #33 and a portion of section #31 which ran alongside the county road.

I decided that a shorter hike would be the best thing to do, we just didn't have the time to do the longer hike.

Charlie was tickled to ride in my son's Orange Whip Subaru. He was immediately enchanted by Eddie and Megan and was determined to demand as much of their attention as possible.

We hiked up old 131 as it is paved and led us to the meadows just past the covered bridge at Indian Creek.

We had fun looking at the different shrubs along the way:

Grey Dogwood:

Prickly Ash:
Silky Dogwood:

I found out that Megan was as curious as I was. Awesome!

And...she loves foraging in the woods!

The skies were heavily overcast and everything was wet. When we hit the trails, the compacted dirt was slippery in spots and muddy in others, not bad for hikers. The trails had been closed to bicycles and equine.

Everywhere in the forest we started to find fungi. It was a fungi fest!

Here is a small sample:

The light was so poor that my little camera took a lot of blurry shots that are not worth looking at. But the forest floor had surprises at every turn.

Then I learned that Megan loves cool trees. Trees with 'faces' or shapes fascinate her. I do too. Hmmm.....sounds like someone else I know [Miss Aurora!].

We headed up the steep trail to Black Hawk Rock and the fog from the valleys started to roll up through the trees. It was eerie and cool at the same time.

I had them go in front of me once we got closer. I wanted to hear their reaction when they stepped out of the woods and onto the Rock.

There were ... Ohs and wows... 

Just as I hoped there would be. 

We stayed on the rock for a while and then climbed down to explore the base of the rock.

We got back to the car. I think the consensus was that it was a good hike with so many wonderful things to see.
Of course, I LOVE taking others out to explore the Reserve. 

I told Eddie and Megan about the ice caves and the other neat bluffs that I'd explored and found.

After we had pizza, the rain and thunderstorms moved in briefly again and we all went to bed.

We woke up to more rain and sat around the table chatting and having some delicious coffee that Megan had brought with them.

We took one more walk in the mud and wet woods down to the creek and back. We found slugs and fungi. Apparently Megan likes slugs. Slugs and toads!

I was delighted that she loved nature as much as she obviously loved my son.

As they left to go home Rich asked them to not stay away and come back to visit again! 
Megan nodded and said they would FOR sure be coming back. 

I smiled. I enjoyed their visit so much. I will look forward to showing them more wonders of our area in other seasons. 

However, I am realistic. They both have careers and are hard working. 

We were so pleased to finally meet Megan. Oh, we loved seeing Eddie, don't get me wrong! 

But there are awesome ice falls and caves to see yet...
and winter is coming!

As August ends and we head towards September, we enter yet another interesting season in the Driftless Area.


  1. What a special memorable weekend! How nice that your son has found his person, who has curious qualities like his mom. His smile says it all. I love it when good things happen to good people. Oh, and thanks for thinking of me :))

    1. Your name was mentioned a LOT over the weekend as a hiker/photographer that I absolutely love exploring with. :)

  2. Anonymous8:28 AM

    So glad you had this time together doing something that you all like! And so sweet that Rich wants then to come back soon. What a great day for all of you!

  3. Sounds like Megan is a good match all around. She and your son look happy. I had a dead tree taken down a few years ago. I had probably 10 feet of the trunk left because there was an old mans face on it. The tree guy thought I was odd, but there you go!

    1. I love people who can see faces in rocks or trees...or shapes in clouds. It is always fun to use your imagination.

  4. What a fun hike and weekend for you!

    1. It was fun and ended too quickly! Hopefully, we can see them again at least in the winter to explore ice caves!

  5. It was a great hike for all. You live in a beautiful area and I can see why you get out and see it often. The waterfall is an outstanding feature and I bet they would like to come back to see it.

  6. What a great visit! So glad everyone enjoyed the hike and appreciated all the hidden treasures. Megan sounds like a kindred spirit! And your son is pretty special too :)


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