Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Fungus Among Us!

I went back to the 'Billings Creek' trail Monday afternoon. I had a hunch that there would be a lot of fungi to see.

I was also curious as to whether or not the KVR folks had removed the trail marker on the south end of the trail. They had.

I just wanted to hike out to the spot where the bluffs were and watch the river below. That particular area is perfect for all sorts of fungi.

The climate of the bluffs and the river make for a perfect 'fungi' wonderland.

The panoramic photo really doesn't do this justice, as it makes a rather curvy area take on a flat look. The little bluffs stuck out at angles not shown in the shot below.
However, Charlie and I dumped our stuff there and then took an hour or so to wander around under the trees and explore.

We also sat on the bluff and watched kayakers and canoers on the river below.

Everywhere under the pines there was fungi of all different kinds. The yellow ones stood out on this one bluff.

The new ones emerging looked like this...

I think they are Yellow Fly Agaric Mushrooms. Deadly or hallucinogenic? Well, there are all sorts of opinions about that. These little buggers are notorious for people trying them and ending up in the ER.

I think I will pass.

Here is one I have not seen before. I think it is a Flat topped Coral Mushroom/Fungi.

They were so abundant in one small area that I had to watch my step.

I found beautiful coral fungi in all sorts of stages. The old ones were withered and littered another area, while there were tiny fresh ones popping up all over.

I found Boletes? 

They literally lined areas of the old trail. And in other places they stood out with their brilliant colors. There were older ones all over the forest floor, but I was attracted to the colorful ones.

We took our time. I just had wanted to explore the bluffs and search for cool fungi and I hit the motherload.

It was a fun little jaunt.


  1. You did find a motherload! Fungi sure erupt in mass after soggy days. They did at our place too. Unfortunately so did the mosquitos & gnats.

    Those bright smaller yellow 'shroom pictures with Charlie don't even look real. Very colorful! We have those same tiny Coral Mushrooms everywhere in our pines/woods. I did take pics, just haven't processed them. I wondered what the name of them was. Now I know. They do resemble coral growth.

    Great detailed texture, thanks for sharing your discoveries!

    1. You are welcome. I knew the pines on the bluffs would hold many secrets to fungi. There were white ones too and some 'jeweled' puffballs that looked spikey.
      On the bluff, there were almost no bugs! :)

    2. No bugs? Lucky Duck!! The mosquitos are the worst I've ever seen them here this week. The black dogs get covered in them when we walk. Tanks coloring helps avoid them. We have to be on fast forward during our walks, or get eaten alive. Makes it really hard to observe & appreciate. I can't wait for cooler less buggy weather!

  2. I think I recall brightly colored mushrooms are poisonous. I have a wooded area on my property. I have never set a foot in it! You are an explorer at heart.

    1. The only ones that are not edible are the yellow ones, though I will not be eating any of them at all. I'll stick to Morels and Oyster Mushrooms.
      There is an orange mushroom that is called the Jack O' Lantern that is poisonous! Yikes!
      I like to look but don't eat!

  3. I know nothing about mushrooms except I buy mine in the store! You found so many, Charlie looks like he is on a mushroom trail!

    1. It did look like he was on a mushroom trail. He sure was enjoying himself.

  4. Anonymous8:59 PM

    Wow! Wow! WOW! So many Mushrooms! You can eat the crowned coral. and they are so tasty! The yellow ones MAY be Aminita Muscaria. I would not eat them.... Aminitas are almost always toxic. The Aminita Muscaria is usually the red one with dots on the cap. BUt there is another version that is yellow. They cause hallucination... and sometimes death! So .. no tasty! The other one might be deadman's fingers. Don't think they are edible, bit not toxic. Probably just taste bad or are tough. Could be something else though. IT would be fun to find out what....Awesome pics!

    1. Deadman's fingers are more blackish and generally come directly out of wood and not out of the ground. I've found them more than once this year.
      My neighbor who is a forager and chef told me that they consider deadman's fingers a delicacy in India, but she said she'd never try them!

      Thanks, you have a great day!

  5. You should have taken your little people with you and they could have used them as umbrellas. The yellow ones are wonderful to see but all my life my parents just said everything was poisonous. It wasn't true yet it gives you a hesitant mindset about them.


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