Friday, August 21, 2020

Not going there...and other stuff

I got baited yesterday while working on tomatoes and stirring things and waiting for a medication delivery.

I noticed that someone I knew stated that our state was like living under martial law because we had to wear masks and that South Dakota never had any issues with Covid-19. I simply noted to them that SD had a 10.7 person density per square mile and our state had 107 per square mile and in the cities it was something like 6,000 per square mile. 

Uff. I should have ignored it. I was ashamed that I even tried to point out to someone the difference between states. Oh well. I will smack myself on the head a few times and repeat my mantra [scroll past, do NOT comment]. Conclusion: Don't comment on Meme's that so many people post thinking they are real info.

In other great news! I got the Firestick working well for hubby. He is now getting used to asking Alexa or as he calls her Hey find programs for him to watch.

It has been dry dry dry here. The humidity is way down so that is a bonus. It gets warm in the afternoon however the slight breeze is nice.

So with the new Firestick, I finally got rid of the ancient computer we were streaming with. Years ago one of the grands slipped an SD card into the CD/DVD drive.

So I decided to see if I could retrieve the SD card.  Have you ever taken a laptop apart? Well it isn't exactly easy, but I didn't have to take care doing it.
And I had help.

I think they were looking for 'intel' and they found it!

I went for a walk to look at the back fence, the forest ground in that area is so barren and dry. Whew.

However the moisture near the creek keeps things green and growing. I did stop and stand in the creek to admire some filtered light.

I cooked up pasta sauce and canned it yesterday. Today I am cooking up a fresh ham with instructions on how to make pulled pork.

Here is hoping for some rain and a few days break from processing tomatoes. Huh. I don't think that is going to happen!

And I did retrieve the SD card and it wouldn't work. The photos were from October 2013.


  1. I like your armed help. I have given up on a number of people who I thought were normal...and obviously are not. Especially the ones that post about masks...really people what does it hurt?? Maybe it is because we are so careful that we find other people careless. Yeah for Rich using Alexa...I don't use her but perhaps I should. Has Rich found Centennial anyplace? Gene has been looking for it he keeps hoping that some channel will have it.
    We are wet here...everything is still green and so humid you cannot mow until 3PM and then some just has to be mowed twice cause it is so wet.
    Can on...forget the stupid people:)

    1. Yes it is very frustrating and perhaps I should just be happy that we are here and safe. Those folks that made that comment declare the virus a hoax. I guess often the non believers stay that way until they themselves get ill.
      No we haven't looked for Centennial, not sure that would interest Rich. Odd these days to try and figure out what he will watch.