Thursday, August 27, 2020

Backpack for Charlie???

8/26 Sunrise with 
smoke and haze
high in the atmosphere.
Hot Summer Sunrise.

Hot, HOT!

I'm looking for a doggy backpack for this fall. I intend on taking some nice long hikes and he is such good company. I found a backpack that when not being used as a pet transport can be used as a regular backpack with shoulder stays, a sternum and waist strap. I'm pretty sure I can use it as they advertise and wear it in front until he is more comfortable and I can wear it on my back?

After all. What is 12 extra pounds right?

Charlie does very well on hikes, however he has one severely bowed leg and a foot that is sort of a bit angled funny. Sure it is the result of cross breeding and we are pretty sure that eventually it will be a problem. That said, his little imperfections are nothing but a delight to us.

I've been looking for a way to safely take him bicycling with me and a way to carry him effectively when he gets tired. He is an amazing little trooper and I've wracked my brains on how to take him along in the winter when I snow shoe.

I've been thinking about a sling to carry him or a little bike pull along stroller type thing. Those work fine for most people, but Charlie and I like the rough trails so a pack seems to be reasonable. When Charlie isn't with me, I can use it for my gear.

I almost never hike without a backpack as it carries extra water and important items like a space blanket, emergency poncho, lighter, a firestick in case I have to make an emergency campfire, and a small first aid kit.

Charlie can handle about 2 hours of steady hiking on rough trails before he asks for a rest. I usually carry him then for a while. He is really quite the little tough guy. 

I thought of a front carrier but I the reviews on this pack said I could switch it around to front to help get the dog used to it.



I ordered it.

So watch for reviews and how Charlie and I get along with a backpack. The super nice thing about this is that it has a very sturdy waterproof bottom that would fit my camera gear nicely. I have a padded insert for putting camera 'stuff' inside a regular backpack.

Stay tuned....


  1. Sounds like a plan! I am sure it will work out just fine! Just a suggestion...have you tried a front sling...I know that some new moms put babies in them...I bet you could modify a piece of fabric to do what you want it to for Fall hikes and use the backpack in the winter:)

    1. I have. I used an old camera sling bag when he was a puppy. It did well but I need the weight distributed a bit more evenly than one shoulder. The pack can be worn in front to help him get used to sitting in it while I carry him.
      I always wear a backpack except on short hikes when I am around here on the farm. They make front slings for dogs for carrying!
      This one can serve two purposes. I'm sure I will have fun experimenting with Charlie the long little dog!