Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Just stuff


It is Orb Spider season! Time to take a few minutes to go out and look at the weeds in the early morning hours. The Orbs are waiting for their meals and will eat their overnight catches before eating their webs and building a new web each night.

Imagine that! Rebuilding that web each night!

The past few days have been busy. Not busy like people visiting busy, or me going places busy.

I've been dehydrating vegetables and processing sweet corn for the past few days.

Did you know that you can dehydrate tomatoes? Doesn't seem like it makes any sense but you can and if you season them ahead of time, you can drop them right into soups and stews and have delicious chunks of tomato. However, the skins do show up as little chunks too. I just consider it a bit more bulk to the stew or soup.

Mornings are quite beautiful right now. The heavy morning dew makes eachnew day seem refreshing and enchanting.

Here is a view of the meadow across the fence. We used to pasture it years ago when I had more equine that we do now. It has gone to 'seed' in a way, but the weeds do provide for quite the showing of dew dropwebs.

Today I'm headed out for a couple hours of quiet at the Kickapoo Valley Reserve.

Charlie is going with. We need the peaceful time.

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  1. New webs everyday..I should be so busy! Beautiful dewy shots! Hope you have a good day! :)