Friday, August 28, 2020

2020 The year to remember?

First, you all need a photo of Charlie who was happy to sit under the Hickory Tree on a chair with his rug on it...
for the sole purpose of watching for The Squirrel!

I am not going to comment on the politics and craziness that is happening right now in our country.

I'm going to go back and do a project that has been on my mind but every time I start thinking about a project, I get sidetracked. 

January will be the starting point.  I am going to do a photography book. I want to go back and visually enjoy this year.

I need a distraction. I've also signed up for a 6 week course in Care-giving and Self-care offered by the Veteran's Administration. The course will start next Monday and go for 6 weeks. Since I am an Official Care-Giver to my husband, I may learn something new from the class and besides, it is Virtual and online. I've been caring for Rich since 2015 but had to leave the workforce to stay home with him in 2017.

Hmmm, there I go sidetracked again!

I'm going to feature things over the year that were meaningful to me. That helps me figure out who I am and how I cope with our interesting life here on our little farm. I don't mean to say that I have it so hard. I don't. It might be something fun to look back and enjoy this year in photos.

January 2020 started out with a bang.... or well not so much of anything. But we did have some very warm weather and then some snow and frost.

For some odd reason I feel compelled to document this year in some way. I have kept a written journal that started out with my Master's Naturalist class, but that devolved into a private journal.

Maybe I just want to go back and pick out my favorite visuals from this year.

Who knows?

I've had ideas like this before. I did a book called The Sleeping Forest and another called The Enchanted Forest. That was in 2009 when I eagerly searched out plants and wildflowers and photographed them as a project.

I still go back and look at that book once in a while. Perhaps it will help motivate me once more.


What might you do to recall this tumultuous year in the future?

I do know that in the past 11 years that my photography methods have changed. So that in itself may be interesting.


Back to canning tomatoes. Sure makes things steamy!



  1. I absolutely love that picture of Charlie on the chair watching the squirrel. Did you make the rug? The self care and caregiving course will be great if for no other reason then reinforcing how hard the job of caregiving is and the importance of self care. My philosophy is that self care is important for US not just so we can be healthy to take care of others. WE are important too!!!

    1. I purchased the rug at a Farmer's Market from some Amish. I love that rug and so does Charlie, it is HIS porch rug. If I place the rug anywhere outside, he will sit on it and watch the world go by.
      I figured I didn't NEED to learn more but then smacked myself in the head. Of course I need to learn more about CareGiving! It never hurts to learn something new or take a different look at it.
      My self care has been to continue to do simple physical workouts and as many short hikes as I can fit in. But it doesn't remove the feeling of frustration and loneliness since March.

  2. Sounds like a plan! I will be interested to hear what you learn at the caregiver class:)

    1. Yes, I sure will share any tips I get.
      Perhaps there will be tricks and good things that I have not thought of yet. Plus to be in a virtual class means I get to talk to those who are going through the same things I am! Perhaps that will help too.