Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Finishing touches Fairy house...

This was the gnarly tree I was working on...

I think I may leave it just about like this. I used Spanish Moss to 'embellish'.

I wanted a rock walk way and those tiny pebbles are settled into a bed of Elmer's Glue. It worked! The little stepping 'stones' are some Crayola Air Dry 'clay' material that is really easy to work with.

So here we are... done. I even made a little bed out of felt for LIL Bear to sleep in. For fun, I added a tiny light string.

Here is the tiny table near the back door. The little pinecone house was a purchase from the dollar store along with a the tiny bench. Those items will surely go outside when the spring/summer finally comes around for a short visit.

The original house was an experiment. I'm going to try again to make another one. After all, practice makes perfect.

In the mean time? The weather is dreary. We haven't seen the sun in what feels like ages. I will have my sunglasses near for when it does make an appearance.

Sorting must be something that is on everyone's mind lately. I got some items in the mail from my brother. He found an old windbreaker jacket of mine! Now normally one would not get excited about that.
However this was my Northbrook Softball League Championship jacket from 1977! Eek gads! I was 21 when our team won!
I was looking for a jacket just that weight and size...

And there it appeared in the mail.
My brother was cleaning up things and sorting. I imagine it was in my father's things.


  1. Cute! You are having fun! I have to sort inside now as I have a garage, grain bin and huge woodshop to do in the spring! My garage is all done! But someones elses is not. Nice to get surprises in the mail!

  2. That is absolutely magical.