Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Why I like winter

A lot of folks dislike winter. And I understand that totally. Those folks are either unable to get out and enjoy the fresh cold air or ... well, simply don't understand how to dress for the cold foul weather.

There is a quote the Norwegians use that says:

There is no bad weather, only bad clothing.

And I have to agree with that saying. Most people who dislike cold weather don't layer themselves properly. It is easier to throw on a stylish coat and a pair of nice looking gloves to go outside.

I've learned to 'layer' with the clothing I have at hand. I can't afford North Face, I wish I could, and I can't afford some of the clothing that is high tech either. However I did invest in some lower tier 'moisture' wicking undergarments, and then just went with what I had at hand.

That said, it was pretty warm yesterday when I tossed on my wool blend hiking socks, warm tights, and a pair of wind pants that I'd picked up on sale. I dressed comfortably as it was in the high teens and the sun was shining.

Why else do I like winter? My hair can be messy and hidden under a nice cap. There are NO bugs. I repeat. No bugs. When hiking in this area the leaves and undergrowth are gone so a person can see the land formations.

Which leads me to my hike yesterday. I went to seek out the Ice Caves. The KVR has a guided tour for people in February to the ice caves. I chose not to do a tour, but like to explore the reserve on my own.
During midweek, there are generally not a lot of people on the trails.

There are quite a few *Ice Formations* in the area, but I wanted to see some I'd heard about from a woman at CrossFit. She'd told me how to find them.
There is something to be said about 'networking'.

I found them fairly easily by following the tracks in the snow.

This is a 4 shot panorama done with my cell phone. It literally looks like there are islands of snow floating among the ice.
That is how it shows up while looking at it through a camera.
However there are layers of rocks with mounds of earth and trees growing on them.

I just stood for a long time and stared. As the winter season moves on, the ice formations get larger if we have the proper weather. Since we've had the wettest fall ever, I imagine the ice formations could be fantastic by February or March. That is... as long as we have good cold weather.
The sun doesn't melt these areas as the winter sun doesn't reach the face of the rock formations.

The area I live in is unique in its landscape.
What more fun can it be than to be a person that loves the cold weather and explore all of this?

I found the next 'cave' and spent a few quick minutes exploring it.

I really wish I hadn't told Rich that I would be back by 1PM at the latest.

There was more to explore for sure. And there was another location with at least 3 more 'ice caves'. I had wanted to check out the one on what I refer to as the Green Trail too.

But now I know about the huge ice caves.

I also am eager to go check out the two ice caves on my neighbor's land.

The weather today will be perfect. Snow/sleet mix with grey skies.
I already know what I will wear and I will be comfortable.

It is only a 3 mile round trip hike, but if I hustle I can do it in about two hours. There are a few hills and valleys to cross, but it may be worth it.

[This photo was from March 2018]

I do ... like winter...
It is cool...


  1. I broke out my down parka today, it replaces my Fall parka that has a lining that lacks the bulk....but is not as cozy warm as the down. I dress for warmth...not fashion! Your ice caves are beautiful! :)

    1. I guess I am a bit over enthusiastic about winter and the activities I have found fun to do during cold weather. A lot of people have a hard time with that and I seem to forget that in my childish exuberance for winter.

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