Monday, December 31, 2018

Out with the...old year...

I generally don't get too excited about New Year's Eve or the coming of the New Year. I got over that when I was a kid. My folks let me stay up and watch the programming on TV. 
As I got older the appeal of just watching the event on TV got old and I went out to a party.

That was just as much a bummer. I recall calling my father to tell him my date had too much to drink and so had I. We were only blocks away and dad came and took me home. 
I think that was my last Party like that. 

I think I stayed up a few times with my own kids, and probably a few times just to watch the clock to see if I felt different at all.
I didn't.

Now? It doesn't really matter. Each year has brought some sort of new challenge.
I don't remember the past three years for all the incredible things that happened. But for those years labeled as. 2015, the year of cancer. 2016, remodeling [that was a great year], 2017, the year of the stroke.
2018, the year of The Depression, and the year to learn about Pulmonary Emboli. [Oh and MIL's hospitalization and learning about dementia and elder care]

It wasn't all that horrid. But I could do with my son's idea from years ago. The Suck Box.
So I'm going to write what Sucked about 2018. I'm going to put it in the Suck Box and burn it. I'd do it at midnight, but we are under a weather advisory with sleet/ice/snow. Perhaps the Suck Box will burn today instead.

Will you be kinder to those around me?

I guess we will wait and see.


  1. Anonymous9:02 AM

    I like your son's idea of a 'suck box'. I've used a 'safe box' but there the stuff just gets locked away and I like the idea of burning it better.

    Wishing you a year that doesn't suck!

    1. You too Mary! I decided to start burning that box early! It was satisfying...

  2. A suck box what great idea! Happy new year!