Friday, December 21, 2018


When stuck inside on a crummy day what on earth do you do?

I could do something worth while, but I've already cleaned the house, made supper, did the chores, it is quiet time so someone can rest.

So I got out a some things and decided to do a Christmas themed Still Life. Who knows, perhaps these will become next year's Christmas Cards.
Note the ornament that was hand carved!
It came from Far Side of Fifty!

Isn't it cool?

So after doing several different shots on this particular day, I decided to have some fun too.

Dinosaurs like Kisses....

Tough Guys like Kisses Too!

Uh Oh...little soldiers...look behind you!

Some more lay Flat Still Life:

This has potential as a card for next year!

And then some messing around....

I'll have to practice with the paper more or figure out how to use another backround.

Then we had some awkward moments on the Christmas Chair.

Nor and Rune meet up with the Dinosaur Garden Statue and there is a moment of disbelief.

The Elf on the Shelf finds himself sitting awkwardly between a Zombie Doll and a Zombie Santa Doll. [This fun for those who love Halloween and Krampus]

And of course, there is Charlie. Not awkward at all, but he decides that he needs to be in on all of the action.

I think I like him just fine as a part of the decorations.

Today I hope to go for a hike.
If Rich is having a better day than yesterday, I will go.

Goofy distractions are things I do while stuck inside the house ... especially when I am trying to be quiet while someone rests.

This evening, my younger son and his family will arrive. It could be chaos, but I have some outdoor activities planned to wear the little ones out.

Have a good day.

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  1. Full to see how creative you are! I hope Rich is feeling better soon. Charlie is always so cute where ever he is:) Glad you liked the ornament!!