Sunday, December 11, 2016

Such a fun day!

It started with a snow storm. And how nice that it was on a day that I didn't have to drive to work!

I called my 'upstairs' neighbor around noon to see if she and the kids were going to be around after lunch.
I sort of...well.
I knew.
That sledding would be the activity of the afternoon.

If you have a hill and a willing heart. You go sledding.

The photo above is of me and our neighbor's oldest son going down their 'lower driveway' hillside.
We had such a blast. I can't think of a better way to spend a Sunday afternoon.
The whole family joined in and we just had so much fun.

After sledding the kids had some hot chocolate and then I invited Allie and Carson to do chores with me.

Their dad was plowing the driveway. Rich was also plowing.

So we had the 'men folk' plowing with a skid steer and tractor... while the kids and I went and did the chores.

Carson and Allie were so helpful. 
This was a sneak shot of Allie

It was so fun to have them help with the chores. Of course it wasn't their own chores that they had to do at home.
That really makes a huge difference.
Ask any kid.
Doing chores somewhere else is so much more fun!

Are my chores that much more fun than regular household chores?

I suppose I could have gone skiing, hiking, or just decided to be lazy...
but hey...
this was so much more fun.


  1. I'm glad to see someone enjoying winter:)

  2. We had a blast as always! You are so right. It was reported to me by both kiddos that your chores are way more fun. But horses, mules, & donkeys, oh my! are a bit more awe inspiring than our noisey little bunch of critters, I must admit. 😄 Now that they have professed their love for equine chores feel free to call for them any time. 😏
    Thanks again for being our pal. You definitely make our winters warmer!