Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Old Dogs and Toys by Morris

Sometimes it is hard just to keep things going around here.

I have to make sure that my toys are spread just right across the living room floor. And to make everything better, the toys must be tossed artfully in front of the Christmas Chair.
I swing the hedgehogs and my Angrybird as hard as I can.

Don't you think it is artful?

I do.
She doesn't. Today she pursed her lips and shook her head at me. She called me an old fool and a couple of other names. She should talk, she's getting up there in the years too.

So what, I'm getting to be an aged dog. This only means that I play very hard and just take longer naps.
Preferably in the sunlight on the floor.
I rest my case.
And my eyes.


  1. I love stories written by dogs...and that last photo is precious.
    We may get some snow tonight. Conditions are bad near the great lakes.

  2. We are supposed to get walloped tomorrow some time while I am at work... :(