Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Morris Wears Silk

Well the temperature climbed up to 28 this morning and as I put on my coveralls to go back outside Morris started his spinning and jumping routine.

"Morris, you got cold the other day and I don't want your frail old body going out today. I'm going to the creek to look around."

Morris stared at me with an ear flopped over.
I am not an old codger you know. I'm as old as you in doggy-human years. Well maybe a bit older. I'm fit as a fiddle and I will nag nag nag. 

I sighed and decided he should at least wear something. Right? A scarf. Hmm, he hates kerchiefs and they are too big on him.
I went upstairs to my 'Room of Creativity' and rummaged around the top drawer of an old dresser. I came up with a silk handkerchief that must have been a pocket one my dad wore years ago. I remember him giving them to me.

I looked down at Morris and then squatted next to him.
"How's this?" I tied it around his neck and he shook once then pranced happily about and stuck his nose in my camera bag.
"All right, you can go."

Of course I can you ding dong. Someone has to keep track of you! 
This new collar is kind of nice. Don't I look great in it?

"I will carry you if you get cold or tired." I patted Morris on the head and we left the house.

I will run around in the snow and 'water' things.
And he did.
And he ran and ran and ran.

He checked out as many places as possible and stuck his head under the snow to look for voles and mice.

Morris was feeling great.
I was happy.

We went to the creek looking for ice formations. That was our group theme this week. That may be easier after this weekend. An ice storm is predicted for the Holiday.
The sudden swap of temperatures has changed things drastically. -15 for the lows two days ago and 21 for the low tonight. It was nearly 34 today.
Sunday may be 40 or 50?
That will be great for a quick snow melt unless it freezes and becomes ice.

Anyway none of that bothered the two of us as we meandered around the creek.

Look at my scarf! I am incredibly handsome. But I always am!

When we got down to the 'ice wall' I was rather disappointed. Yesterday's warm temperatures had melted the formations. I'd worked from midnight to 10am so I was too tired to talk a hike yesterday.

However we enjoyed the hike anyway.
We did find frosty roots.

And we did find a coyote trail.

Then Morris did start to shake and shiver.

I reached down and tucked him under my armpit and walked with him for a while.

Embarrassing. I shake and quiver so she knows that I smell coyotes and what happens? She picks me up like I'm an old decrepit dog. I am not decrepit. Put me down woman!

He squirmed after a bit and leapt from my arm. Poof. Right into a pile of snow. He came up shaking his head and ran ahead of me.

Morris, Morris, I think. One day you worry me so much and the next day you are like a pup.

Last week I did find some great ice formations. But this week, it will be a difficult task.
Perhaps I'll make some ice cubes and 'shoot' them in an interesting way.
There is always that.

Morris and I turned around and started up the long hill towards the summer pasture. He ran ahead of me looking over his shoulder as if to say.

"Come on old lady, keep up!"

I think he is a smarty pants when he wears silk. Although I must say he does look dapper with it on.

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