Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Cool backdrop and cold weather fun.

As the temperatures dropped and the winds picked up I decided to work on my Christmas Cards.
I found out that I was short some.

What to do? What to do? I don't like most choices in the boxed items they sell in the stores and ever since I found out I could print them out myself, I've done it that way.

Well I had an hour or so to kill before going to get and delivering groceries chores to my mother in law, so why not 'make' some?
I had read somewhere how aluminum foil on cardboard pieces made good reflectors and interesting back drops. Even more fun was to add glitter via glue to the aluminum.

So I found a box. I cut the flap off from it and made a 'reflector'.

I even covered one in pink, red, and silver glitter glue.

Then I went to the 'magic creative room' and set some things up. An old box, some parts of cards from years passed, and the foil backdrop.
This shot shows the pinkish glitter glue on the foil. A white board leaned up against my chair. The table is a plastic tub with a white piece of board on it.
Over that is an old lace table cloth.

Well I had a bit of fun with it.

I 'developed' it with an Antique look in ON1RAW2017. I even liked it enough to send it to print.

Then I tried this one.

This one is my favorite. The yellowish golden glow is from an old lamp with those now extinct bulbs in it...for light.

The items that are poinsettias and Merry Christmas are things I pulled off from old cards that my Aunt and Cousin had sent me a few years ago.
The old paint cracked box makes for a wonderful texture and the foil added a bit of zip.

I sent this one to print too. Walgreens and Walmart offer easy 1 hour pickup and you cannot beat the prices.

Then it was time to go to town. The winds were howling and the snow was blowing across the open areas.

I got strange looks when walking around the stores. I don't care, I wore my heavy coveralls and was nice and toasty warm. I don't get the ladies who dress with skinny jeans or those who wear capris and a light top with no hat or gloves in very cold temperatures with extreme wind chills.
They must live in town and not have to negotiate snow blown drifts.

I know if I get stuck in the drifts I can still safely walk somewhere or sit in my car and be very comfortable.
I carry a sleeping bag and a space blanket along with tea lights and extra clothes.

Friday afternoon until midnight I am working. If the roads and the snow and drifting are bad at midnight, I'll pull all the sleeping blanket and take a nap until the roads are clear.

No use risking my neck to drive 30 miles of twisted roads that go in and out of steep valleys and windblown ridge tops to get home until it is safe to do so.

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