Tuesday, May 26, 2015

We're Loose in the Country! (Watch out!)

Guest Blog by: Ariel. 
 Grandma's letting me do a blog. [YES!]
We started out doing the Chores. Which, for some, might be boring but for me and Dennis it's fun!
 After that Grandma had to take care of Crystal. [She's a black and tan hound. She has sores on her neck and chest. She is doing OK however.]
Then we packed up some trail mix and Great Grandma's cookies, we  finished it off with  water, and we were off!
We went  down to the Tainter  Hollows.
We stopped to look at the road and some flowers, and took pictures!
We hopped back into the car and drove down the road aways, we came to some rock that had names on them. And we thought we saw a Peg! Turned out to be a Ren through. [Nuts.]
We drove to a place where we  thought beavers were, there wasn't. So we threw rocks into the water and did a selfie. Grandma slipped in the sand while she was running across the road to be in the picture, ending up knocking all three of us down.
{After we drove away from that place we stopped down the road a ways and there was people coming from the place  we just came! Whew, they didn't see us when we were taking selfies.}
[This picture was taken by Grandma's camera, the rest are mine.]
A little while later we went to a creek to eat and take more pictures.
Grandma climbed down under the bridge and was surprised to see Mother birds feeding their babies! It was so awesome!
We were close to the end of our little Road Trip when I spotted a Mother cow and her babies.
"You guys can walk up and see them." Grandma informed us.

There were three babies in all!
[Whew, that's a lot!]
We found a small waterfall and creek to step in; after another 15 minutes we went home.
We washed Crystal and Ellie May really, really, well. [Ellie is the newest of the gang. In case you didn't know who I was talking about.]
Then Grandma and Dennis washed out their houses.
We went for a walk but I was too worn out and only made it to the top of the [huge] driveway.
After supper I went out with Morris to go take pictures around the farm.

The sunset was super cool. So were the clouds!

So after giving Morris and cookie [and everyone {'cept Grandpa who was in bed} got Milkshakes.] {sadly} our day had ended.
Boy! What a day it was!!

We're Loose in the Country! (Watch out!) 

Thank you, Grandma, for letting me post on your blog.
Bye 'til next time!!

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  1. Thank you very much for this great post Ariel, I sure enjoyed it. Sounds like you all had a wonderful day.