Saturday, May 09, 2015

Fencing and Stuff

Time to turn the Dexter Cattle out on spring pasture this morning.

Last night I worked until dark setting things up to make an easy transfer from one pasture to another.  Thank goodness for the ability to make gates in electric fences.

And I love our 'rope' electric fence it is very visible and the cattle really respect it.

This goes for the mules also.  Except Fred, he is always checking to see if a fence is working or not.
If there is a line out he will surely find it.  But he hasn't left our place in over 10 years so I feel we are doing well.

I hope to have 'the girls' turned out into the 'Merry Meadow' very soon.  The grass in nearly ready, perhaps another week should go by before they get out into their summer area.  I have some lines to replace.  One of the division lines for rotation is very old and probably not very good.

That is my goal of 'fixing' before going to work.

Working in the meadow right now is really quite relaxing.

I even fall in love with the scent of the Hawthorne Tree. This tree is not a favorite of some, but to me, I think it has a beautiful shape and the scent of its spring flowers are intoxicating.

And of course there are the wild apple trees that are scattered about in the Meadow.

I constantly try to get my husband to leave them alone or perhaps allow some new ones to grow.
The mules love to pick their own apples and the jelly I make from them is wonderful.

Most of all I love those short few days in which the blossoms flood the air with their scent.

After these repairs are done, I'll move on to the two wooded pastures that need re-fencing.
Hubby meant to do it last year, but we never got it finished.

A huge oak tree fell on part of the wooded lot we have near the creek.  I've looked at it and have figured out a way to fence through it at least for this summer.

I'm not handy with a chainsaw, but I can be creative in my fencing abilities.


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