Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Friends in all places

I'd lamented while at work that I needed small square bales of hay and that my schedule of driving to MAD City and back wasn't going to allow me to get the hay I needed.

I purchase small bales from one co-worker.  Another offered to take HIS truck over to the other co-worker's place and deliver hay.
If I could arrange it, that is.
I called the Hay Man and he said "Oh no, let me bring it to your place!" 

The second co-worker mentioned that he would like to help me in any way...could he come out and help me move animals to the summer pasture?

Was there some electrical fencing that needed done?  Indeed there is.

When we got home from MAD City yesterday a fresh load of hay was being stacked in my shed.  I helped by tossing the rest of the bales off the truck.

When we tried to pay extra for the delivery, Hay Man waved it off.  Then hubby pulled out a 10 spot and shoved it in Hay Man's hands.

"Please," he said, "Treat your son to Dairy Queen on me if you won't take money for delivery."

Hay Man nodded and his young son agreed ... DQ would be their next stop.

My belief in good people in rural areas is boundless.

I have one Farm Lady who offered to help chore if we got stuck in Madison overnight.

She would come with her niece and take care of watering and checking on critters.

An Investigator from the Local Law Enforcement Agency asked if he could help in any way.  Offered to help with anything.
Another Investigator that we worked with last summer, said that if we notified him of when we would be out of town, he would put our place AND
Mules on the 'Property Watch List'.

That means a deputy will come and make sure things look good and the house has not been broken into while we are absent.

Small acts of kindness to our neighbors over the years seems to be coming back 'at us'.

I feel quite ... I don't know.  Blessed?  Honored?

People are good.

It is well appreciated in The Long Road.

Tomorrow is another day.


  1. You ARE blessed, Louie, and karma IS coming back at you. People are happy to help you both because they know you will return the favor when they are in need.

  2. blessings come back to you.. your are worthy of this moment

  3. Good people! And I have a feeling you would do the same for them.