Saturday, May 16, 2015

And so it goes.

Today was re-qualification day with our firearms.

We have to shoot targets and get a passing score.  We also take a test on the State Laws regarding Lethal Force.

Today I was given 'most improved' on the Glock 'award'. And yes I will agree, I made a huge improvement over my scores for the past two years.  My first year was awesome, then ... well I slipped!

It clicked together and I did very well.  The shotgun is normally my best weapon.  I nearly flubbed it.  I didn't pull it tight enough into my shoulder when shooting [timed event] and got smacked hard by the recoil on my cheek bone.
I made it though.

Hubby was at his daughter's last night so I had some 'free' time. Yesterday.  I worked hard at fencing and adjusting things to make my chore life easier.

Hubby hasn't been able to mow yard yet...eeeeks!
I can't run his Country Clipper and am looking to get a self propelled mower.
In the mean time, I decided to put up temporary fence and get the mowing done organically.

This is Dyna, she was with Fred and Siera who did a fine job in mowing and fertilizing this portion of the yard.

They have another two sections to do and most of my knee high grass will be taken care of.

These mules know the routine.  When I come out at night I just wave to them and give them a kiss sound.
They follow me back into their paddock.  Such good mules!

This is the fence that the grand kids helped with when they visited.
I hope tomorrow to move the rest of 'the gals' out to the Meadow.

Here is Dennis proudly showing off where he helped fence.  He loved the details of electric fencing.

Here is my other helper I had for the day.  She found a morel mushroom!

Ariel is more oriented towards the animals.  She took Dixie out for more than one walk.  Dixie listened to her and they got along so well.

My hubby is in the middle of his treatments and things are going sort of rough for him.

I appreciate all of the help I got from my Grandkids and daughter Steph this week.

Lastly...a photo from Goose Island.
I had to take my Subaru in so they could install a remote starter.

I had some time to kill before Qualification and so I stopped at Goose Island.

Onward we go.


  1. Don't forget pictures right after they're turned out!