Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Creative Mowing, the Organic Way...

I did this once before I believe in 2006 when hubby hadn't felt well and I'd had surgery on my shoulder.

The grass got long and out of control, not to mention the $4 price of gasoline.

We found that they actually did a very good job.

When the gals were finished 'mowing' and 'fertilizing' we put them out on pasture and simply raked the fertilizer and mowed the leftovers down.

Except I realized that sharing the laundry line with donkeys was not the best idea.  They loved to put their faces in it and hide from the flies.

Although my favorite time was when we 'lent' the yard to an equine was when our old mare had a foal.  It was nice to take a lawn chair and sit with Cheyanne and her foal Sundance.

We kept her very close so we could keep an eye on Cheyanne who had had a difficult birth.

Last night I fenced off a large section of the yard for Siera, Fred, and Dyna. I know these 3 respect a single line fence and will do a good job of 'mowing' for me.

I have two more sections that I wish for them to clean up before I let them into the meadow.  Then I think that with a self propelled mower I may be able to keep up between the long drives.
If not, I'll keep using the organic method.
I've gotten very good at creative fencing and these 3 mules have gotten very good at adapting to moving about often.

My Daughter and her hubby ... and the kids may be up this weekend and apparently I could get help with the yard!  Whooo!

I'd like to plant some flowers too and cheer things up around here.

Let us not forget our best 'weed whacker' that we have, who doubles as a guard pony.

And he is a great yard trimmer, along with being a pal to Morris.

I'd like to get Morris to come home for a visit this weekend.
It will be a 3 day weekend and if the grand kids are here, they will want to have him along to take walks.

I do miss the farm comedian.  

Chores are a bit easier now that the gals are out on the Meadow.  I soon hope to have some other places for rotation.
I'll have to sneak off into the woods and string some new wire.  We 'meant' to do it last year.

It is an old forest pasture but there are many goodies to be found in it!
I don't want to waste the opportunity to save my energy by having it available as pasture!

Well off to wake up hubby and start the process for the day.
Today is a super long day.  

Have a great one.

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