Thursday, May 07, 2015

Oh Beautiful Spring

Because of our crazy schedule this spring, I haven't been able to take as many walks in the woods as I normally do.

Yet I did get an hour the other day to walk around and take a peek at what was happening in the woods.

The Apple Blossoms had started [now they are in full bloom!].

The Cherry Tree blossoms are amazing.

I really need to get back out and look for morels and see if the Trillium has opened up yet.

They were just sleeping on Monday afternoon, ready to awaken at any moment.

I'd found Jack in the Pulpits emerging from the woodland floor also.

And then we have the wonderful happy colors of yellow. They are beautiful and bright against the new green colors of the grass.

Yellow Rocket, they are worthy of a photo before being pulled.

I love the cheery yellow against the backdrop of fresh greens.

I do love spring.
But then I love all seasons.

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