Monday, May 18, 2015

The Big Move.

Last week was a marathon week of getting fencing repaired and checked so that the mares and molly mules, along with the donkeys could move to the 'Merry Meadow' also know as summer pasture.

I moved the Dexter cattle into their summer pasture and so far they have been very content and quiet.

I made a hot wire lane up the driveway and into the Meadow.  The 'girls' have done this for a few years and they pretty much walked quietly until they hit the meadow.

Then Sunshine and Sundance broke out in a gallop and snorted and bucked.

The donkeys trotted in a group while the mares whirled and pranced.

All settled in after a while.

I think I'll move Fred, Siera, and Dinah in a day or so.  Then all but the geldings will be on pasture.

Yesterday's skies were incredible.
The expected storms didn't happen here.

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  1. Nice to have everyone out on grass, that must make things a bit easier for you. I hope!


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