Saturday, July 17, 2010

They are coming!

Children are fun. Grandkids are 'funner'.

Last time they visited, it poured buckets of rain on Sunday. We went for a hike in the rain...
There is always something to do at 'Grandpa Rich's' place [Grandma Val too].
Since we rarely ever turn on the the TV [which is not connected to any outside source] except to once in a great while to watch a DVD...we do other things.

Play 'Go Fish' for example.

Well, ...
I sorta taught them my childhood game that we called it.
'Go to the Dump'.
[There is a history behind the name of that...a story for another time]

Then we discovered Dominoes...and counting.
I think that may be a new favorite game. Ariel loved it!
...and of course there is our household clown, Morris.
He is a fairly unusual Jack Russell in that he believes these are 'his' children. He spends the weekend keeping an eye on them.
Whatever they wish to do with him, seems to suit him just fine.
Kisses, although not really allowed, always bring about laughter.

Mt. Tank is filled, the day looks to be a scorcher...

Morris is resting and we are looking forward to another round of kids!
Let the fun begin!

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  1. I can't believe how fast Ariel is growing! You have adorable grandbabies. :)