Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Don't Lie to Me~Badger Update

Don't lie to your animals, they don't lie to you.

Do you think I actually had a conversation with Badger?
Well I sorta did.
I did most of the talking.
He stood there while I brushed him and listened.

I asked him how he felt today.
He showed me by his respirations. He was doing better than the past few days. His breathing was easier.

I told him that it was still awful hot out.
He sighed as I brushed him and moved his body so he was completely in the shade too. I took that as an affirmative on the heat.

I used my homemade fly spray on spritzed it on him liberally.
I asked him how he liked it.
That was an easy one. He stopped shaking his head and swishing his tail madly. He was content to stand quietly.
Good answer.

I took his fly mask off, he had been a good mule and caked it with mud. I was going to have to wash it.
I gave him his medicine and a chunk of mineral salt.
He thanked me by immediately setting down to the task of eating.

After he was finished, I asked him again.
*How are you feeling today Badger?*

He replied simply by getting down and rolling like a good mule would after he'd been cleaned up and brushed.
...and he groaned with pleasure.
I told him I felt better too today, seeing that he was doing better.

He swished his tail as if to say...
*Yup, I can read you like a book.*

...and you know, your mule can.

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