Thursday, July 15, 2010

Naughty Lil' Pony

Lil' Richard is our tri colored crop out mini horse...or little pony. His job around our place is to generally weed wack and be a constant thorn in our side.

He has yet to meet an electric fence that can keep him in...
so in the summer he is usually staked out eating the hard to mow areas. He is a good alarm and watch pony also
as he squeals and whinnies when anything is out of the ordinary.

Early this morning the phone rings.

*Are you missing your little pony?*
Yup, his snap had broken.

So we drove the Cavalier up to our neighbor's place to catch the errant little turd, who was whinnying and prancing in front of our neighbor's horse fence.

We caught him up and decided to 'lead' him home...

My neighbor lady had a huge chuckle out of our method of ... having a 'road broke' pony...

What a way to start your day!


  1. Funny! and quite the walker-talker too.

  2. Haha! Looks like he rather enjoyed that! He might head out again just so he can run home. Too cute!