Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Mixing kids and Rain=Fun

*Grandma...are you doing chores?*

This from my grand kids....and the answer of course was yes. Grandpa had a headache and was laying down.

The rain was pouring down outside.
Lots of it.
We'd watched the rain gauge go from 1/2" to and 1" in one hour.

*Can we help?* Eager eyes, smiling little faces.
My first thought...'no, city kids, they would wimp out on me...'
Second thought...'they are my grand kids, eager for what? Let's have fun!'
So I outfitted them in my and Grandpa's raingear and some rubber chore boots.
Next, I started chores while they played in the yard.

Now what was the most intriguing thing two kids could get into during the pouring rain?
The stock tank that I'd partially filled for them to 'wade' in ... in case it got hot.
They were 'flicking' water at each other.
[sigh...with a smile]
After chores...

*Let's go on an adventure Grandma!*
Well who could deny that request?

So off we went. Into the mares pasture, under an electric wire...through mud...
...and into the geldings woods.
Where we found slippery slopes, mud, clay, ... more torrential downpours...
and the wonder of playing in the rain.

We hiked back up hill towards the house while following the fence. little 'critters'...Jabbas from Star Wars?

All in all.
It was a great adventure.
One the kids will surely recall for a long time.

Dennis doing a header over a log...into the mud.
Ariel trying to go up a slight incline and having her boots slide out from under her over...and over.

Me ... smiling and thinking that this is exactly how children should experience life.


  1. They do resemble something from the movie ET. Little, muddy adventurers!
    Where has the time gone ... I remember doing just that, when I was a kid.

  2. jawas, mom. jabba was the fat dude


  3. I stand corrected...heck I don't recall what 'they' were called.
    I still think they are darned cute.