Thursday, July 01, 2010

Just edit...

This week has been 'different' to say the least.
I haven't had much of an opportunity to get out and take photos.
My life has become backwards due to working night shifts.

Although I must say, it is really quite nice to watch the morning come softly edging its way over the river bluffs.
The birds begin to sing.
Song Sparrows
House Finch
...the screech of the Peregrine Falcons...
Red Wing Black birds...

A drowsy, sleepy world, slowly comes alive around you.

So my world is a bit topsy turvy for the next few days until I get back into a normal routine.
Which means I will be happily riding my mule and scouring the woods for interesting things to photograph!

So I've spent my late evenings delving into the works of Photos and Photo creations.
My favorite creation this week is of the 'etching' of the church with the cherub-angel peering down.

My nights are days and my days are nights.
My only regret, is that I am missing some extremely beautiful weather !!!


  1. Love what you did to the photos. I have to do that again...

    I don't know if I could stay up all do you do it?

    Thanks for visiting and all your sweet comments.

  2. Lori~ I work with some other folks and sometimes it is a 'team effort' to make sure we all stay alert.

    I couldn't do it full time, I don't think!