Friday, October 24, 2008

Long Week

Can you believe it is Friday???
I have 2 days of rest before hitting 'training' again.

I'm pooped...I feel like how Morris looks in this picture.
Last night I fell sound asleep with my glasses on and slept through a phone call from my son!

I was tired.

The job is interesting and diverse right now. So much to learn and get certified in. I like this sort of challenge and have enjoyed meeting the people I'll be working with.
I can see that at times a person has to be quick thinking and very organized.

It is different to go back to a method of handwriting everything and not using computers! But that is how the operation goes.
Much of what I'm learning has to be memorized and kept in the head...policies and procedures can only be studied on site.

This is a good challenge for the brain cells, I believe.
I've got to get out and play with my cameras...I cannot believe that I haven't taken any photos since Sunday....
I'm having withdrawals.

Have a good nite!

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  1. Anonymous10:25 PM

    You ARE an amazing woman. Good luck in the new job. Yes, it's good for the brain cells to learn new things and I applaud you for being so open to the experience. Keeps you young.