Thursday, October 11, 2007

'Sweat Like a Log'

Grandkids, they are pretty darned special. Give them an old Tonka Truck with no instructions and they know EXACTLY what to do with it.

brother is not take it fast and drive it away. If brother does have it, you distract him with something else and ...take it fast and drive it away.
The Tonka Truck has many uses.
It hauls gravel from Grandma's yard and dumps it in the yard. [of course grandma makes you pick it up again]
It hauls dirt from the VERY big dirt pile. This seems to be okay to dump in Grandma's yard and add to her plants.
When all that work is done.
You can take the Tonka Truck and roll it down the hill and watch it crash...and both brother and sister can laugh and squeal with delight. This can be done a multitude of times until your legs are tired of running it back up the hill.

Then there is the heat for this October day, it was sweltering. Enough to make you sweat.
You tell Grandma that 'I sweat like a log!' [grandma, tries not to laugh hysterically at the saying because she is thinking...Sweat Like a HOG]

Don't forget that wonderful icky sticky muddy place that grandpa has. A great place to walk down into where the clay-like mud comes up to the ankles of your chore boots. Then with great flair one must see how far they can bend over and stick their wee hands into the muck. Only to discover that yes, indeed it is sticky, gooey, and well kinda icky. When Grandma asks if it is cold, the hands go back in to check temperature and texture.
Hmmm. Not cold, but, it is stuck on the hands!
And oh no, the boots, with feet inside of them are stuck hard in the icky sticky muddy place.

Grandma laughs and laughs, offering no help, but saying she wished she had her camera. Finally THE Momma comes and helps out.

Gosh, and she 'sweated like a log' through the whole ordeal.

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  1. Anonymous9:33 AM

    FUNNY!! Laughed alot. You are a wonderful grandmother...big surprise.


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