Friday, October 26, 2007

Hooked on Harry Potter?

These two fine 'kids' are responsible for my new favorite readings. The Harry Potter books. I resisted all temptations to pick up these 'kid' books for the past few years. My youngest son urged me to read them, my oldest son and his wife made me take the first book home with me after my Kenosha visit! The dirty deed was done.
I picked up the book yesterday and just finished it tonight.
Darn it .. they were right. The book was a fun read and a good breather from my school studies!
I'm sure I'll be looking forward to my next adventure with Harry. I wonder if the movies were as good as the books?
That remains to be seen.

One of my new classes this session is 'Critical Thinking'. It seems curiously like a class on 'debate'. This ought to be fun too!

I really do wish I could fly on a broom like the characters in the book. It surely would save me fuel costs.

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  1. I'm still the only person I know around here that hasn't read them. Everyone is telling me how much I'll love them, but I just don't want to start them yet. LOL I don't have enough time in a day as it is!


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