Friday, October 12, 2007

Just thinking...

Some days are just like that. I didn't have much to do today as the work computer was having some very serious issues. I think it needs to have its hard drive wiped clean and the program Windows 2000 re-installed. But that is a mere blip in the scheme of things.
This week the wind and the rain blew away our beautiful fall foliage. The trees are beginning to look barren and cold.
Last night I wore coveralls to do chores!
It was downright chilly and we had to turn our heat on in the house.

I interviewed for another job yet again this week. I suppose since I don't really think I'd like this particular job, they'll call me? Isn't that the way things work?

Yesterday was interesting. Ever have a cortisone shot in your elbow? I agreed to it since I've been putting up with elbow pain [related to the shoulder issue] for about 6 months. Dr. L. said he'd be happy to help me out, but it involved needles!
[He knows how much I really don't like needles, so he likes to give me a bit of grief over it]
Yeah, it hurt enough that I allowed him to 'shoot' me.

There was a portion of the time while he did the procedure that I didn't breath. Then I recalled a nurse telling me one time...hon, you need to fainting! I sat up very straight and looked at the wall of posters showing leg bones. In short? It sucked.
Afterwards Dr. L. patted me on the shoulder and said 'Good job, you are tough!' I think he likes to challenge me.
I pointed to the poster and asked him, 'Is a plateau tibia fracture at the proximal end of the tibia?'
'Yes, why.'
Not looking at him, I shrugged, and said, 'I have to code that in my case studies this week.'

I shook his hand and thanked him. Then told him that I hope we didn't have to see each other offense.
None taken.
Follow up in 6 weeks if I'm still having issues.

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