Sunday, October 28, 2007

Away they went...

There is something to be said about sitting on the stairs and having a conversation with a 20 month old [I correct my earlier post of 19 months!]. Grandpa and Dennis had a very long and intense conversation regarding...well I'm not exactly sure what it was regarding.
There was a lot of head shaking by grandpa and several big *Oh Yeah's???*
Dennis nodded and answered with some foreign language that only he can understand, but he emphasized each word with a shake and flutter of the hands.

Hmmm, is the kid Italian??

This morning, the gang was up, fed, and out the door for more great woods adventures by 8AM. The frost was still crunchy under our feet as we headed back to the meadow for a much awaited 'bouncy log' ride. We also picked leaves from red oak, white oak, and stuffed them in our shirts to carry back and show Grandpa who was very impressed.

I think I could like being a Grandma full time.

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