Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The Mysterious Cindy

I took this in my son's garden. They have such a pretty garden, but I think I already mentioned that.

So this morning at work I tried to leave a message for the 'unknown' person named Cindy at GLHP and got another run around! So frustrating!
I left my work phone number thinking what the heck, what is going to happen? He already knows I've been on an interview!

So the phone rings, and HE is sitting right there.
It is the mysterious Cindy who had called last Thursday! Human Resources finally called her and said that I was calling them?
Okay, well we got all that straightened out and I go meet with the people in the oncology clinic for a position.
I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

When I hung up...HE asked what I was going for now? I shrugged and said I had to go to the breast and cancer center in LaCrosse tomorrow. I've been a patient there ... I said no more and he made the assumption it is a doctor's appointment.

I'm ready for some good out in the woods time. The leaves are changing and I am getting desperate that I will miss something!

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  1. Prayers are being said and fingers are crossed for you, dear sister! I hope you get out of there SOON!


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