Friday, October 05, 2007

Morris The Brave

If you need proof that Morris is the Brave dog he pretends to be watch this. As long as the turkeys are flying away...he is brave. We had a great hike in the woods. We jumped up turkey and deer. Morris even did some 'log' walking which I took a short clip of also.

Of course the part you don't see is the part where I was walking on a downed tree and ... where I jumped...
and fell...
and jammed my fingers which are swelled quite nicely today. But I landed in oozing icky mud so I didn't hurt the rest of me, just my pride.
I looked around and it was just me...and Morris.

Rich keeps telling me that he's going to ground me for doing stunts like that. I say you only live once and might as well have all the fun you can get out of it.
My walk was quite pleasant otherwise. It was rather hot for October, but I can live with that, soon enough my walks will include snowshoes and my 'elmer fudd' hat.

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