Friday, October 19, 2007

Listen to Children

What does a child sense that an adult can't? Do they have some extra sense of things that we lose as we grow older?
Two weeks ago my grand daughter visited. We were walking past the little red shed down towards what used to be my 'shade' garden, when she piped up.
'Grandma, that tree is going to fall over, we shouldn't walk here.' She grabbed my hand and tried to lead me away from a honey locust that grew out at an angle over the yard. I just patted her hand and assured her that the tree 'grew' that way and everything was just fine.

The other day my husband made a comment that the honey locust by the shed must have suffered some storm damage as he saw a slight crack in it at the 'V'. He commented that to be safe he'd cut it down some time this week, because if it fell, it would hit and damage the horse trailer.

Last night as a storm brewed up, black clouds whirled, and the rain started coming down,...I walked down to look at The Tree.
The 'crack' was huge, I could stick my fist into it [if I was tall enough]. You could see evidence of the fibers of wood shredding.

Before the last round of wind and rain hit, we moved the horse trailer.

Now, why did Ariel tell me that? Did she really know?
Listen to the Children.


  1. Anonymous10:34 AM

    Now you'll know to support her intuition and she'll know it's a good thing to listen to also because of that. Wow. Love the colors of the picture. Brilliant!

    I've been enjoying your entries. Inspires me to get busy.

  2. Thanks Niki...I've been missing you!


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