Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Growing up.

I've never been a huge fan of growing up. It seems so wasteful to lose one's imagination and childish perspectives.
I mean I know I have to be a grown up, I've done grown up things be a mom and work at jobs, but there is always that little kid in my saying...
Let's go play.
If I put many hard hours in at a job or school, I have to literally take a break from it and do something fun and creative. Sometimes just taking a walk in the woods to me is play time.
Sometimes creating something is play time.

Ah, and we all know that when I ride, it is definitely play time.

Last Monday my orthopedic surgeon patted me on the leg after giving me a very painful frontal cortisone shot in the shoulder. I grinned up at him and said, *Hey Doc, I didn't even cuss at you this time!* [yes I did the last time and it wasn't pretty]
He quipped, *I'm so proud of you, you're growing up.*
My husband let out a huge belly laugh and said, *Oh Geeze Doc, she ain't never growin' up.*

The story got repeated to my physical therapist who has to review my progress weekly with Dr. L. She told me today that last week she told Dr. L. that she was impressed with my rapid progress and that I was a good compliant patient who worked hard and I seemed to be 'growing up'.

Dr. L. was completely amused [I guess normally he is a pretty straight forward and serious fellow]. He told my PT to give me a gold star if I was good this week.

Gosh, am I really growing up?
[I hope not!]
But I think I earned a gold star!

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  1. Everyone should let that child inside play once in while!