Saturday, July 23, 2022

HOT Afternoon

After mowing the hill and sweating out buckets [yeah, the little mower is self propelled but it doesn't propel well UP a steep hill], I decided to chill out and sit on the back step in the shade.

I could have gone inside and cooled off in the AC but I don't like spending summer days in the house.

I reserve days indoors for rainy days and frigid frightful snow days.

I noticed a lot of activity near the old outhouse. The Bumbles were very active along with tiny bees.

I decided to go grab my mega zoom lens and set it on a tripod. I pointed it at the plants and simply watched. 

I don't know what this butterfly is. Maybe someone will recognize it. I noticed that it seemed quite battered. 

I'd heard a segment on the radio regarding hot weather and insects. Apparently Hot Weather makes the insects' metabolism speed up and thus they are very active during hot spells.

This butterfly is caught with a downward wing stroke which I thought was pretty cool. I used what is called a High speed setting which takes 11 shots per second. Wow! Imagine that!
Usually I toss all but one of the shots taken that way. 
It is cool to get an unusual shot like this. I always imagined butterflies with their wings up.

I've been lucky enough more than once to catch a Bumble coming in for a landing. 

Let's play Where's Waldo with the Hummingbird!
This bird kept resting inside the plants. It was hard to spot him/her.

Learning to be patient is paying off.  

Here is a Ruby Throated Hummer tasting the bee balm. 
I think I will let the Bee Balm take over this section around the outhouse and move other plants this fall.
I grabbed two plants last year from my neighbor who has a huge disdain for flower beds and gardens.

Lucky for me, the former neighbor had planted so many beautiful plants around the house. I have been able to dig some up and add to my collection.

Here is the Hummer playing hide 'n go seek again!

Some Tweety Birds I caught while watching the patch of Bee Balm:


House Finch?
Purple Finch?
Not sure!

A huge surprise! The Orioles
have not left yet!
Fledgling and Parent?

C130 skimming the tree tops. 
Not a bird in the wild sense!

The C130's from Fort McCoy fly low over head just skimming the tree tops. 

I bet you are wondering about what the mules think of it.
Not much. They rarely even lift their heads. They will look up when choppers come through doing the same thing. 

Charlie is not so calm about it. He thinks we are being invaded by 100's of UPS trucks or perhaps the world is ending.

Today looks like another muggy and hot day. That means I get my outdoor work done early and do more very late. 
Looks like we will have rounds of heavy and possibly dangerous storms tonight. Oh goody! Not.

Stay cool and comfortable.


  1. You got some good photos! Rain is expected late morning, we need it badly. We left the horses in the barn because there could be hail. They understandably don't like that. I've spent very little time outside, it's just too humid.

    1. Today was nasty so far. Very 'close' outside and now it feels like a storm!

  2. Your patience is paying off. Pic 6 is a great hummer shot in flight!! Not easy, they change directions so quickly. Bee Balm is such a pretty wildlife magnet. I don't grow it anymore, for several reasons. Mainly because it spreads too easy. I had issues with my patch getting ugly mold. I am sure it depends on the variety. Your Monarda is very pretty!

    I'm hoping for rain. Lotsa rain. We are super dry and our pastures/hay fields really need it. However, storms can be destructive. Hopefully the bad stuff won't materialize. Stay safe.

    1. I mow around this patch so I don't think it will go anywhere. I've been trying to find something to grow there for years and I'll see how it goes.
      What is Monarda?
      The hummer was just plain dumb luck with a burst of shots...shhh, don't tell anyone!

    2. Ahhhh...I looked it up, silly me!

    3. Sorry for the delay. I have to log onto my computer to respond. Names are interchangeable :)

    4. No problem! We are not connected to out 'puters or even the web all of the time right? I keep leaving my smarty phone at home these days. :)

  3. Gosh, the detail and clarity in your photos, gorgeous!!!

  4. You got some great hummer shots. My bee balm is almost dead. It is dry even though we get a little bit of rain. I have lived long enough in out city now that I don't notice the air traffic. The military do go out with three helicopters at a time and that does make me take notice. Good for you using the tripod. I have to get mine out and quit being so lazy.

  5. Anonymous8:33 PM

    Great pics of the Flyers! I love seeing hummers and butterflies on a single flower type. I have always liked the butterfly weed for that reason.

  6. Your Bee Balm is just beautiful! It is a great plant for all small creatures! Hope you cooled off:)


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